Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of Denver Taiko?
As of now, Denver Taiko is working on establishing a plan for adding new members. Because we are a self-taught group, and because we have 25-30 performances per year, it is difficult to take in new members and train them on any type of regular basis. Most of our new members join Denver Taiko through our Junior Denver Taiko group.

Denver Taiko has plans to try to hold a taiko workshop every year if time permits. Please contact us if you would like to be on our email list for notification of workshops.

I would like Denver Taiko to perform for an upcoming event. Are you available and how much do you charge for a performance?
Please read our performance guidelines on our Performances page. We try to accommodate every request for a performance that we receive. We have performed around Colorado and in neighboring states such as Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska. Most performance requests are for 20-45 minute sets and we can do audience participation if so desired. It is difficult for us to perform during normal business hours on weekdays due to unavailability of members who are either working or in school. If you would like to request a performance, please fill out a Performance Request Form with the prospective date, time, desired length of performance, and a brief description of your event.

Do you have any CD's, DVD's , or video tapes of Denver Taiko for sale?
Our first CD, "Ichi Go Ichi E" was released in 1999. Our second CD, "Tabi" was released in 2011 and will be available for purchase very soon. We do not have any DVD's or video tapes of our performances for sale. More information about purchasing our CDs will be posted soon.

Where do you practice, and how often do you practice?
We are housed in the Tri-State Denver Buddhist Temple located in downtown Denver, and we practice in the basement of the temple every Tuesday and Sunday for two hours. Practice sessions consist of warm-up, drills, and often working on pieces for upcoming performances.

Do you rent or borrow out your drums?
Denver Taiko's drums were acquired through many different resources throughout the country. It is quite costly to send them out for new heads, and one new drum alone can cost as much as $8,000 depending on the size and the materials from which it is made. Therefore, because of the cost to maintain our drums, we have a very strict policy of not loaning or renting any of our drums out.